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Citywide Tenants Rights Hotline

hotlineMTO’s Citywide Tenants Rights Hotline serves as a first point of contact for tenants. More than 10,000 tenants call our Citywide Tenants Hotline annually looking for answers to their problems. Our counselors listen to the tenants’ problems and then provide them with possible solutions and/or referrals to other agencies that may be able to assist in court or provide financial aid.

Tenant volunteers answer up to 60% of the hotline calls. Volunteers learn all aspects of the law in workshops led by Chicago’s best tenants’ rights attorneys. Volunteers are provided with an in depth manual that covers almost all aspects of Chicago’s tenant laws. MTO staff is always there to assist volunteer counselors.

MTO tracks all the calls it receives and looks at trends in the rental market. The reports generated from the hotline provide public officials with important overview of the rental market that they can use when setting public policy.

The volunteers can answer your questions on the range of tenants’ rights issues.

MTO started its free hotline in 1994. Since that time more than 120,000 tenants have called.