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Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention

The vast majority of lead poisoned children are poisoned within their own homes. Therefore, MTO’s mission to help renters live in safe and affordable housing would be incomplete without helping tenants take action against unhealthy homes in the city of Chicago.

The Safe & Healthy Homes Program [SHH] is a partnership between MTO, Children’s Memorial Hospital, the Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics [ICAAP], and the Chicago Department of Public Health.

Elevated Blood Lead Levels: 2007

Click the image to see how many children were poisoned in your community in 2007

SHH is a FREE program that seeks to prevent Childhood Lead Poisoning in the city of Chicago. Parents of young children (6 or under) are invited to join the program through their child’s participating physician, through the Renter’s Rights Hotline, or through a self-referral. Referred parents receive information on building age and results from past city inspections. Parents can also elect to speak personally with a Healthy Homes Educator about actions they may take to ensure their children & homes are lead-free.

Parents enrolled in this program are given the opportunity to request a free lead inspection from the city of Chicago. Lead dust hazards are nearly always invisible. Only a lead inspector can ensure a home is lead safe. If hazards are found, parents will be given the tools and information to make sure their child is not further affected by the poisoned environment, either by seeking a timely abatement of the hazards or moving to a lead safe residence. There is generous financial assistance available for landlords and homeowners seeking to rid their home of existing lead hazards.

If you would like to enroll in the Safe and Healthy Homes program or for more information, please email Meron Kahssai at meron@tenants-rights.org or 773.292.4980 x 229. In order to receive the intial information about your home in a timely manner, please include your first and last name, full address, phone number, renter/owner status, and the age of children residing in the home. All case information will remain strictly confidential.